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updated on 13 April 2018
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Anthropology & Ethnographic Books: Aboriginal and Oceanic Art, Technology & Culture

Item BTB18 - $481

The Queensland Aborigines ( 1984 Hard Cover Reprint, rare)

Three volumes, all hard cover with DJ. These are reprints of publications released between 1897-1910 by Walter E. Roth, This edition was printed in Perth, Western Australia in 1984. Very rare. I cannot find any reference to them online, although there are recent soft cover reprints of some of the material from these volumes. These books are heavily illustrated and filled with an incredible amount of material about the Aboriginal culture and technology. Very rare. and difficult to find in any condition. These books are in almost new condition with only light fading of the DJs from aging. I used these volumes as reference material while studying Aboriginal artifacts.

Oceanic & Polynesia

Item BBR113 - $18

Crocodile and Cassowary ( 1971 )

The Museum of Primitive Art, New York ; Author(s): Newton, Douglas ; Soft Cover : 112 pages ; illustrated ; English

ISBN 10: 0912294426

Crocodile and Cassowary. Religious Art of the Upper Sepik River, New Guinea The Sepik River area of New Guinea has long been celebrated for the rich artistic productivity of its inhabitants, some of its styles are among the best known created by the peoples of the Pacific Islands. This heavily illustrated book is based upon the research done by the author in 1967. It is mostly a survey of a relatively unknown region in the Upper Sepik River. It describes the cults, mostly associated with warfare and fertility of a number of small tribes including the Yeragei, Bahinemo, Nggala, Wogumas. Manambu, Kwoma and the Nukuma.


Item BTB13 - $14

Millenium Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World ( 1992 )

ISBN 10: 0670829358 / ISBN 13: 9780670829354

Publisher: Viking Adult ; Author(s): Maybury-Lewis, David ; Hard Cover : 283 pages + index and photo essay section ; English

From the deserts of Africa to the rainforests of Brazil, this book investigates traditional societies and gains insight into alternative ways of living by exploring different approaches to marriage, wealth, law and order, cultural integration, spirituality and wisdom. The book ties in with a ten-part BBC television series.

Item BTB15 - $14

The Language of the Goddess: Unearthing the Hidden Symbols of Western Civilization ( 1989 )

ISBN 10: 0062503561 / ISBN 13: 9780062503565

Publisher: Harper & Row ; Author(s): Gimbutas, Marija ; Publication Date: 1989 ; Hard Cover + DJ : 388 pages ; English

The Goddess is the most potent and persistent feature in the archaeological records of the ancient world, a symbol of the unity of life in nature and the personification of all that was sacred and mysterious on earth. In this pioneering and provocative volume, Marija Gimbutas resurrects the world of Goddess-worshipping, earth-centered cultures, bringing ancient matriarchal society vividly to life.

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