Natural Elbow Made by Aivars Brengulis

Item AB03                

This Item was Sold on 15 March 2010 for $37

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Aivars Brengulis is a master craftsman of boomerang products in the small Baltic country of Latvia. Aivars taught himself the fine art of crafting boomerang products. He makes everything from plywood boomerangs in exotic shapes to traditional boomerangs out of hardwood natural elbows and laminated veneers. Aivars often decorates his products with designs using techniques that are indigenous to his native Latvia. Aivars makes only a limited number of boomerangs and very few are offered for sale.

Aivars Brengulis made this beautiful natural elbow boomerang out of a Latvian Applewood elbow. The boomerang is finely sanded and oiled. These natural elbows are good flyers and they have a range of about 20 metres. This boomerang is in new condition.

Specifications: Right Handed ; Tip-to-tip Span = 44 cm ; Weight = 64 gm

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