Large Traditional Boomerang Made by Stephen Silady

Item AG03 

This Item was Sold on 27 March 2012 for $71

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Stephen Silady emigrated from Yugoslavia to Australia after World War II and became a boomerang manufacturer and partner with Frank Donnellan. Stephen Silady was the toolmaker who made the mold for the famous plastic Donnellan boomerang. Stephen was one of the founders of the Australian Boomerang Association ( A.B.A. ) which competed with the BAA for control of the boomerang movement in Australia in the 1960s and 1970s. The ABA had a very commercial focus and therefore lost the battle. Stephen Silady made the plastic Donnellan boomerang which had Frank Donnellan's name in the logo. Upon Frank Donnellan's death, the name in the logo was changed to Stephen Silady. Stephen Silady also made many traditional boomerangs out of plywood. Most were small and decorated with Australian animals. They were also good flyers. Stephen Silady co-authored, with his partner, Pauline Pahlow, a very large soft cover book with a boomerang on the cover in the mid 1980s. This was published shortly after the famous boomerang book with a similar format by American John Cassidy (Klutz Press). Stephen Silady's boomerangs are common, but they do fly well and the larger examples are very collectable.

This very large traditional boomerang was made out of plywood and painted with a bush scene on the elbow by Stephen Silady in 1975. The underside of the elbow has the Silady Champion signature and the Silady logo stickers. The underside also has Stephen Silady Award , May 17, 1975 ; A. B. A.. The ABA was Silady's own organization called the Australian Boomerang Association and should not be confused with the BAA (Boomerang Association of Australia) which has separate events and officers. Therefore, this boomerang was probably a prize in a very early A.B.A. competition. This boomerang was part of Al Gerhards' personal boomerang collection.

Left or Right Handed ; Tip-to-tip Span = 69 cm ; Weight = 350 gm

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