Strip Laminated White Lightning Hook by Al Gerhards

9 Weights - 1978 - Signed

Item AG36   

This Item was Sold on 22 August 2013 for $253

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This large strip laminated hook boomerang was made out of White Oak by Al Gerhards in 1978 for Long Distance competition. Al set a world record in the 1970s with a flight of 125 yards using a large weighted hook nearly identical to this one. There are three full lead weights in each tip. The eblow has a full weight and two half weights. This boomerang is signed and dated 1978. The words " White Oak " is neatly printed above the signature. Al also wrote " Low Long B " on the elbow as a note on how this one performed. There is no damage and this one was part of Al's personal throwkit, so I expect this boomerang to be a top LD performer even though it was made more than 30 years ago. A rare and beautiful collectible.

Specifications: Right Handed ; Tip-to-tip Span = 50 cm ; Weight = 232 gm

Al Gerhards is one of America's most famous pioneers in the development of long distance boomerangs. Al was an active thrower, manufacturer and competitor in the 1970s and early 1980s. His most popular model is the Standard Weighted Hook which was made out of strip laminated hardwoods. The standard hook was occasionally made without weights, but the majority of these hook boomerangs had a single lead weight on each tip with a unique serial number stamped in the weight near the lift arm tip. The earliest examples (1970s) had an additional half weight inserted into the underside of the elbow. This was discontinued on hooks made in the early 1980s because the elbow weight was often the source for the initiation of strip delaminations. Al also made strip laminated large hooks, small hooks, omegas, traditionals and the awesome Big "U"s. The large hooks were sometimes called "White Lightning" hooks and Al used one of these to set a World Record in the long distance event with a documented throw of more than 125 yards in the late 1970s. Only 500 standard weighted hooks with numbers were made. The last one has a silver star inlayed in the dingle arm tip and this one is displayed in Al's living room in a specially made holder that also displays his world record "White Lightning" hook.

I visited with Al Gerhards in early 2006 and asked him about the integrity of his boomerangs after 25-30 years. Al assured me that he used strong epoxy glues and that he still throws boomerangs that he made 30+ years ago without any problems. Al recommends that the owners of his boomerangs rub the surface with Tung oil or Gun oil prior to throwing if it has been in storage. The boomerang should be oiled at least once every 3 months if it is thrown regularly. However, I discourage the throwing of old collectable boomerangs unless it is thrown under very carefully controlled conditions. I would prefer that the owner make a copy of this boomerang for his own use and save the original as a fine collectable.

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