Willi Urban Comeback 22 Traditional Boomerang

Item BR187  

This Item was Sold on 18 April 2011 for $45

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Willi Urban promoted boomerang throwing in Germany from the 1950s through the 1980s. He published a mall booklet titled ' Geheimnisvoller Bumerang ' in 1966. He also marketed a very large traditional boomerang which had sharp leading edges and had a flight range of more than 50 metres. This traditional was made out of Polyamide GFK plastic and is not the kind of boomerang that you would want to catch. When the Boomerang Man marketed this model in his catalog, he added a note that said "Do not try to catch this boomerang unless you have a finger transplant surgeon standing nearby". I have thrown and caught this model and I definitely agree that you must be very careful when you throw this one and I don't recommend catching it at all. Because of the sharp leading edge, this looks like a left handed boomerang and it does work when thrown left handed, but it returns better when thrown right handed. You need more wind for a complete return when this boomerang is thrown left handed.

This Comeback 22 is in new condition. It has never been thrown and it was made prior to 1988 (the package has a postmark date of 30 March 1988). It is white and the tips are yellow. A set of original throwing instructions (in German) is also included. The cover of the throwing instructions has a tear, but it is intact.. Very few of these boomerangs were saved in new condition.

Specifications: Right Handed ; Tip-to-tip Span = 58 cm ; Weight = 161 gm

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