Veneered Tough Hook CR0712 by Cornelius Rietdijk

Item CR07    

This Item was Sold on 14 March 2012 for $78

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Cornelius Rietdijk is a Dutch boomerang maker living in Austria. His boomerangs are not well known, even in Europe. Cornelius has been making longer range sport hooks under the brand name "Dimension Breaker Boomerangs", but his production is limited and his boomerangs are rarely offered for sale. Each boomerang is constructed out of a 4 mm 8 ply birch blank, veneered on both sides prior to cutting the airfoils by hand. The final thickness with the veneers is 5,4 mm. All models are right handed.

The idea behind the veneer technique is to first give each boomerang it's own unique appealing appearance. Second, it is a good method to get the proper positive dihedral (more on the dingle arm, less on the lift arm), necessary for a harmonic flight and a single handed catch. However, the tuning differs from rang to rang naturally and therefore the amount of layover required is also wind dependent and it has to be determined on the field. In general these boomerangs need a hard throw with an emphasize on spin.

The painted figure on each boomerang (resembling a SW Indian Spirit motif) is Cornelius' trademark. It is on all of his boomerangs that were made over the past seven years. The painted figure is on the front on the earlier models, but then he changed it to the back side to emphasize the standard trademark character. It differs only slightly each time because it's hand painted. It is his sign of approval after flight testing has been completed.

This large hook has was made in 2010. The veneers on the front are Redwood, Ebony, Maple and other hardwoods. The veneers on the back:are Cherry. The.Tough Hook has a flight range of 40+ m. The flight path is circular and accurate and it likes some wind for a complete return. Excellent condition.

Specifications: Right Handed ; Tip-to-tip Span = 35 cm ; Weight = 110 gm

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