Chet Snouffer's Two-Bladed Doublers - 1986

Item LR29       

This Item was Sold on 2 January 2010 for $80

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Chet Snouffer needs no introduction to most boomerang throwers. Chet was one of America's top throwers for decades and he was the American and World Champion numerous times. Chet was a member of the first International American Boomerang team that went to Australia in 1981 and beat the Aussies at their own game. Chet has been President of the United States Boomerang Association, publisher of the Free Throwers Boomerang Newsletter and host of numerous USBA National tournaments and annual Free Throwers Fling in Delaware, Ohio.

This set of two-bladed Doublers was made in 1986 for Larry Ruhf. Larry used this set in competition for many years. Both boomerangs are signed and dated 1986 on the lift arm tips. The inside Doubler has five holes drilled to add drag so that this boomerang drops quickly. Both Doubling Set boomerangs are nicely painted with clear rainbow colors. The lower surface is painted with solid dark colors. Used, but in very good condition.

Specifications: Right Handed ; Tip-to-tip Span = 35 cm ; Weight = 146 gm

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