Natural Elbow V Boomerang by Manuel Schütz

Item MS01 

This Item was Sold on 8 March 2008 for $73
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Manuel Schütz is a member of the Swiss Boomerang Team and one of the highest ranked competitors in the world. Manuel is also very innovative and he makes almost everything that he uses in competition. Manuel is especially famous for his MTA and Long Distance boomerangs. He holds the world record for long distance with an outward flight of 238 metres with a full return.

Manuel Schütz made this beautiful natural elbow boomerang out of Swiss Ash in 2007. The thickness of the airfoils is 7 mm. The flight is beautiful. It is easy to throw and it has a range of 20m, with a hover at the end and good spin retention. The boomerang is sanded finely smooth and then finished with "Danish Oil". The high gloss shine makes it difficult to photograph, so the boomerang is much more attractive than the picture shows below. This boomerang is in new condition.

Specifications: Right Handed ; Tip-to-tip Span = 34 cm ; Weight = 74 gm

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