Large Natural Elbow Hunting Boomerang from the Max Hoeben Collection

Item N59  

This Item was Sold on 19 April 2013 for $113

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This large and beautiful hunting boomerang or throwstick was made out of a curved natural elbow and the shape runs true with the grain. The cross section is diamond shaped with the maximum thickness at the middle of the blade along the entire length. The wood is either gray in color or it has been stained. There are 5 bands of dark coloration between the darkened ends. I do not know if the dark coloration is stained or pyrographic in origin. A magnificent throwstick in excellent condition. I purchased this throwstick from Max Hoeben in 1995. Max said he acquired it in Australia. I have seen many Aboriginal hunting boomerangs and never anything like this, so I will assume that it is not made by an Aborigine. Still, it is one of the nicest throwsticks I have ever seen. You can throw it or hang it on the wall. It has collectable value because it is from the Max Hoeben collection.

Left or Right Handed ; Tip-to-tip Span = 62 cm ; Weight = 476 gm

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