Strip Laminated Shagbark Hickory Throwstick by Bob Foresi

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This beautiful strip laminated throwstick was made out of Shagbark Hickory, an American hardwood. The underside has " R.A.F. ; H.L. #6 ; 10-90 " etched into the surface. There is a lead weight embedded in both blade tips. This hunting boomerang has a very smooth oiled surface. An incredible flyer with a 100+ metre flight in calm conditions. It works either right or left handed. When I throw it right handed, the flight is straight and true for 100 metres and then there is a small amount of hover at the end. When I throw it left handed (I am left handed) I get an incredible flight of 125+ metres. The flight is a very shallow " S " with a slight left bias at the beginning of the flight and then a slight right hand bias at the end of the flight as the forward velocity and spin rate slow down. Overall, it is extremely accurate over 100+ metres of flight range. My favorite throwstick to use in competition. This hunting boomerang is in slightly used, but excellent condition.

Right or Left Handed ; Tip-to-tip Span = 69 cm ; Weight = 221 gm

Bob Foresi is a Land Surveyor from Massachusetts who is currently serving as the editor of the USBA newsletter - Many Happy Returns. Bob has been making and throwing boomerangs and hunting sticks for more than 30 years. His strip laminated throwsticks were superb for using in throwstick competitions and they are like Gerhards hooks in feel and construction. Bob occasionally makes natural elbow and plywood sport boomerangs.

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