Strip Laminated Open Omega by Leni Barker

Item SA4  

This Item was Sold on 22 October 2015 for $59

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This strip laminated open omega boomerang was made out of more than 50 very thin strips of Zebrawood, a tropical hardwood from Africa. The underside has Leni's printed name and the date 1986. This boomerang has a flight range of 45+ metres. After doing a test throw, I recommend that you add a small weight to the upper surface of the dingle to improve the flight performance. This boomerang is from my personal collection and it is in excellent condition. A very fine collectible.

Specifications: Right Handed ; Tip-to-tip Span = 33 cm ; Weight = 28 gm

Leni Barker is a professional woodworker from Central California. Leni has been making and throwing boomerangs since the early 1980s. Leni served as the Secretary of the USBA in 1985 and 1986. Leni used his professional woodworking skills to make strip laminated and lap joint boomerangs that were good flyers and very different from what other manufacturers were making. Leni's most popular models were lap joints made out of a combination of soft and hard woods. He would cut complicated curves in both pieces at the same time and then press the hardwood and softwood pieces together to get a tight interference fit. Leni also laminated tropical hardwoods and metals into the boomerang surfaces to create attractive finished boomerangs. Only a limited number of Leni's boomerangs were offered for sale. The most popular model was a lap joint made out of Redwood boards and called the " Sweet Heart ".

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