Strip Laminated Large Omega Made by John Cryderman

Item TB204                              

This Item was Sold on 23 November 2010 for $86

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John Cryderman (from Chatham, Ontario, Canada) is well known for making high quality strip laminated and Birch plywood boomerangs. Many of his creations are John's original designs. However, he occasionally makes replicas of boomerangs designed by other famous boom makers, such as strip laminated hooks and omegas by Al Gerhards of Downington, Pennsylvania. John usually makes his strip laminated boomerangs out of native Canadian hardwoods, but he sometimes uses exotic woods, such as Mahogany and Ebony. Some of the plywood and strip laminated boomerangs are decorated with inlaid plugs of exotic woods arranged in pseudo-floral patterns. The vast majority of John's boomerangs are large in size and they require a strong throw for a full return.

This large strip laminated omega was made out of strips of White Oak and Elm in 2006. This is an unweighted large boomerang with very nice airfoiling and a smooth satin finish. I tested this one and found it to be an excellent flyer with a circular flight and a range of 40-45 metres. It does not require a hard throw like the smaller Cryderman omegas. It is signed and dated and it has John Cryderman's hot poker stamp on the underside. It is in new condition.

Specifications: Right Handed ; Tip-to-tip Span = 44 cm ; Weight = 122 gm

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