Strip Laminated U by Thomas Münch

Item VB49        

This Item was Sold on 17 February 2013 for $38

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This boomerang from the Volker Behrens estate is a right handed strip laminated "U" made by Thomas Münch out of seasoned Oak. A Walnut wedge and a half lead weight was inserted into both tips. It is signed and dated 1988. I did test throw this boomerang before listing. It has a flight range of 60 metres and it requires a hard throw and it likes some wind. It is in VG condition, but it has delamination gaps at the bend in the elbow. The delamination did not change its appearance during my testy throwing. If you are careful, it is probably strong enough to throw. You can also reinforce it with epoxy if you want it only for throwing. This is a wonderful collectable boomerang.

Specifications: Right Handed ; Tip-to-tip Span = 30 cm ;Weight = 78 gm

Thomas Münch was a German boomerang craftsman who made beautiful strip laminated boomerangs of the highest quality. Thomas laminated his blanks using thick strips of hardwoods similar to the technique used by Al Gerhards. Many of the Münch blanks had very sharp bends and he often added a wedge of dark Walnut into the tips. He also added brass or lead weights to some of his boomerangs to give them more range. Volker Behrens occasionally made boomerangs using blanks constructed by Thomas Münch. Boomerangs made by Thomas Münch are very rare because not many were made.

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