Crazy Horse No. 1 by Volker Behrens

Item VB78    

This Item was Sold on 28 September 2015 for $297

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This extreme range hook is one of 3 LD boomerangs that Volker kept in his personal throw kit. This boomerang, made out of 3 mm G12 material, was a personal favorite. The flight range is 150+ metres in the hands of an experienced long distance boomerang thrower. Volker used this boomerang as a master when he made LD boomerangs for other throwers. The underside has " No 1 !!! " and " XXXXX " and " Crazy Horse " written on the underside. You can also see that the outside edges have black ink as a result of Volker using this boomerang to trace out blanks for other Crazy Horse LD boomerangs. This is one of the most important LD boomerangs ever made. It is a fine collectible in used, but very nice condition. There are no dings or cracks, only wear from handling.

Specifications: Right Handed ; Tip-to-tip Span = 30 cm ; Weight = 66 gm

Volker Behrens was a well known commercial manufacturer of sporting and competition boomerang products. Volker was also a competitor and a member of the German International Boomerang Team. Volker was a pioneer in the development of long distance boomerangs and he demonstrated throws of 150 metres in the 1980s with his popular Challenger III Paxolin Hook. Volker made the last of his boomerang products in 2011 and he died in June, 2012. His boomerangs have become great collectibles because they are considered to be comparable to boomerangs made by Herb Smith.

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