Short Range (20-40 m) Sport Boomerangs 
updated on 15 April 2018
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RH = right handed , LH = left handed ; Age = approximate minimum age for typical strength and coordination, tuning and proper throwing still required ; Power = 1 (5 years old child) -> 10 (very strong adult) ; Difficulty =1 (small child) - > 10 (advanced competitors only!)

Please read the appropriate pdf files with throwing instructions before using these products: General Tuning Instructions, Throwing Instructions, Rediboom Instructions

Left Handed Throwers - Please see the specials at the bottom of this web page.
Items that are listed with a will have regular price reductions until they are sold.
Boomerangs by Eric Darnell
Polypropylene Pro-Fly by Eric Darnell
Price: $6 or 3/$15 ; Availability: 48 RH

The proFly is a classic V-Omega with a range of 25-30 metres. It has great wind resistance and it works well in calm too! This model is the perfect sports model for casual throwing. You can also add coins to the blade tips with tape to extend the range 5-10 metres. Instructions for throwing are embossed on the underside of the blades. This is an excellent first time boomerang for throwers ages 12 and up. The Pro-Fly makes a great low cost gift. You will not find many wooden boomerangs that perform as well as this model.
Span = 34 cm ; Weight = 72 gm ; Range = 25-30 metres ; Age = 12+ ; Power = 5/10 ; Difficulty = 3/10 ; Right Handed Only

Boomerangs by North Pacific Products

Whirl-E-Bird Boomerang by North Pacific Products
Price: $10 or 3/$27 or 5/$40 or 10/$70 ; Availability: 36 RH / LH

The Whirl-R-Bird is a collectible boomerang made by North Pacific Products in the 1950s ( product #329 ). It is made out of two straight beveled sticks. The short blade is attached to a sliding plastic sleeve so that you can adjust the shape from the letter " L " to the letter " T " and everything in between. This is a short range boomerang with a flight range of 10-15 metres. A good flyerthat works either left handed or right handed.

Because this boomerang was manufactured more than 60 years ago, it is more delicate than a freshly made boomerang. There may be a slight shrinkage of the wood because of moisture loss and the plastic may be more brittle than it was when originally made. I have test thrown these and they are good flyers, but you should treat them with care. I only have stock from a single box of Whirl-R-Bird boomerangs, so when these are gone, there will be no more. A great collectible at a really low price.

Span = 37 cm ; Weight = 42 gm ; Range = 10-15 metres ; Age = 8+ ; Power = 4/10 ; Difficulty = 3/10 ; Right of Left Handed

Boomerangs by Gúnter Möller

Marlene by Günter Möller
Price: $17 ; Availability: 3 RH

This V-omega boomerang is made out of 5 mm Baltic Birch plywood. Marlene is a wonderful sport boomerang that is easy to throw and catch. It has a range of 30-40 metres. Add a coin with tape to extend the range. It is available in many different colors. My choice of color please.
Span = 35 cm ; Weight = 72 gm ; Range = 30-40 metres ; Age = 15+ ; Power = 6/10 ; Difficulty = 5/10

Boomerangs by LMI & Fox
Vouktchevitch Omega by LMI & Fox
Price: $24 ; Availability: 1 RH

This omega was made out of orange plastic. It is a very nice flyer with a range of 35+ metres. Easier to throw than the carbon version of this model with slightly less range. Very lightly used. An older version of this shape in very nice condition.
Span = 28 cm ; Weight = 62 gm ; Range = 35+ metres ; Age = 14+ ; Power = 7/10 ; Difficulty = 5/10

Boomerangs by Sam Blight
Hummingbird by Sam Blight
Price: $29 ; Availability: 1 RH

An early V from the Rangs Company. This one is from the Brother Brian Thomas collection. It is in very good condition. It has a flight range of 20-25 metres. A nice flyer with good hover!
Span = 37 cm ; Weight = 74 gm ; Range = 20-25 metres ; Age = 13+ ; Power = 4/10 ; Difficulty = 4/10

Boomerangs From the Collectable and Hardwood Web Pages
Volker Behrens
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Boomerang Dreaming

1996 - Decorated by Victoria Hinrichs

Rusty Harding
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Concept 90 Lap Joint #185

Black Walnut - Vero Beach - 1982


Booma Razor 'Rang

Signed and Dated 1978


Tomahawk #237

Lefty - Signed and Dated 1988

Les & Arthur Janetzki
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Razor Gang Art Boomerang

Small Hook with Weights

Left Handed Early Model

Weights added by Br. Brian Thomas

Siegfried Stiller
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Gespenst (Ghost)

Signed - 2008 - 20+ metres



Left Handed - Signed - 25 metres

Will Watts
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Strip Laminated Lap Joint Vee

Signed - Dated 2008

Curly Maple and Walnut

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