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updated on 2 December 2017
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Biology, Zoology and Botany

Item BTB16 - $21

The Audobon Society Master Guide to Birding in Three Volumes

This item is a three volume set of advanced ornithology field guides, used for the identification of all 835 species of birds in North America, including 116 accidentals. These soft cover books include text by 61 key experts, with their personal secrets for identifying personal secrets. These volumes include 1245 full color photographs, 193 paintings, 422 drawings and 650 range maps. 1200+ pages.

  • Volume 1: Loons to Sandpipers (ISBN: 0394533828)
  • Volume 2: Gulls to Dippers (ISBN: 0394533844)
  • Volume 3: Old World Warblers to Sparrows (ISBN: 0394533836)

Yes, there are birds of prey. Volume 1 has vultures and raptors. Volume 2 has owls. Entries are arranged taxonomically based on the new classification of the American Ornithologists' Union. These books are in used, but excellent condition. My wife Pam used these when she was a Naturalist for a Nature Center in Michigan. The only writing inside is Pam's signature on the inside cover of the second volume.

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