1947 Caribbean Yearbook - Cristobal High School - Panama Canal Zone

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This is the 1947 Caribbean yearbook from Cristobal High School, located on the Atlantic side of the isthmus of the Panama Canal Zone in the town of Cristobal. The contents include the faculty and freshmen through senior students The end of the yearbook has lots of cool advertisements from familiar places in Panama, especially on the Atlantic side. I was delighted to find many of my own teachers in this yearbook - Dorothy Huffman [Smith] who was my Senior HS English teacher, Luke Palumbo who was my 7th grade Science teacher, Mr. Carl Maedl who was also a Principal of CHS (Mr. Maedl suspended me for having my shirt tails out in 1965), and Mr. Oswald Jorstad who taught me how to play the Clarinet in 1961. Some of my classmates' parents are listed in this yearbook. The cover is in good condition, but the stitching on back cover is starting to come loose and the cover is separated from the book with a failed binding that can be retaped if desired. The pages are starting to yellow, but are otherwise in very good condition. A rare and valuable document about life in the former Panama Canal Zone. This yearbook was originally issued to Dorothy Huffman Smith.

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