1972 Caribbean Yearbook - Cristobal High School - Panama Canal Zone

Item CZYB15  

This Item was Sold on 8 November 2013 for $97.90

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This is the 1972 Caribbean yearbook from Cristobal High School, located on the Atlantic side of the isthmus of the Panama Canal Zone in the town of Coco Solo. The contents include faculty and student activities for grades 7 through 12. The end of the yearbook has lots of cool advertisements from familiar places in Colon and the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal Zone. This yearbook belonged to Mrs. Dorothy Huffman Smith who was the Senior High School English teacher and the director of the yearbook committee. I stayed in touch with Mrs. Smith after graduating from CHS. Dorothy wanted her yearbook collection to be donated to the Panama Canal Museum in Florida. After her death, Dorothy's family gave me her entire yearbook collection to give to the museum. The museum said that they already had 3 copies of each yearbook and they did not want any more. Instead, they wanted money to pay for digitizing existing yearbooks so that images could be added to the University of Florida Panama Archives. I gave the museum a large donation and kept the yearbooks. This yearbook is one of Dorothy's yearbooks and I am selling it to help me recover part of my donation to the museum. This yearbook is in like-new condition except for a small ding on the inside of the front cover. There is no writing inside. A rare and valuable document about life in the former Panama Canal Zone.

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