1933 Zonian Yearbook - Balboa High School - Panama Canal Zone

Item CZYB22  

This Item was Sold on 28 October 2013 for $24.20

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This 1933 Zonian yearbook was issued to the Class of 1933 from Balboa High School located in the town of Balboa on the Pacific side of the isthmus of Panama in the former Panama Canal Zone. This yearbook is in used condition. The binding is very good and tight. The front cover has a deep scratch about 4 inches from the upper right corner. There is also a conical hole that penetrates the body of the pages in the same location. The hole is about 1/4 inch in diameter on the first page. The hole quickly diminishes in size as the page numbers increase so that most of the pages have only a pinhole. The hole goes through mostly blank space on the pages, so almost no information is lost. The pages also have the typical writing with greetings from fellow students. Please view the photos below to see the condition of representative pages. The advertisements are really great and are one of the highlights of this yearbook. They bring back memories of what life was like on the Pacific side of the former Panama Canal Zone. 

This yearbook was part of the Panama Canal Museum archives. When the museum closed down, I gave the museum a large donation in exchange for some of their yearbooks. I already have a copy of this yearbook in my personal collection, so I am selling this copy to recover some of the money from my donation.

Many of the yearbooks from the Panama Canal Zone have been digitized and are available as free downloadable JPGs on the University of Florida's archival website, but you cannot search the text on graphics and reading jpegs on iBooks is not easy on your eyes.. You can also purchase photocopies of yearbooks from Classmates.com for about $80, but it is much better to own an original copy of this yearbook to keep for your own collection.

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