1967 Conquistador Yearbook - Canal Zone College - Panama Canal Zone

Item CZYB33 

This Item was Sold on 20 February 2014 for $60

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This is the 1967 Conquistador yearbook from Canal Zone College, located on the Pacific side of the isthmus of the old Panama Canal Zone in the town of La Boca, just under the foundation of the Bridge of the Americas. It is in very nice condition with no writing inside, except for a museum catalog number written at the top of the first page. There are also library card pockets glued to the inside of the front and back cover because this was the CZC master reference copy. There is also a small tag with card catalog info at the bottom of the back cover. The front cover has a couple of very small spots. The binding and pages are in excellent condition and there is no writing on the pages. This yearbook has everything that you would find in a typical yearbook from an American high school or college, plus more. The Canal Zone College was a two year institution and it served the function of a junior college for American [and Panamanian] students who planned to go to college and obtain their college degrees in the USA. Some of the students obtained apprenticeships and stayed in the Canal Zone. The Canal Zone College had sports teams that competed against the American high schools, Cristobal High School and Balboa high School. When I was a student at Cristobal High School, we occasionally went to the Canal Zone College for music programs. I did not attend CZC, but I knew a lot of the students who are in this yearbook. In addition to sections on faculty and students, you will find a lot of photos of sporting events and other activities in the Canal Zone. As with most Canal Zone yearbooks, there are cool advertisements in the back: United Fruit Company, Squirt, Gulf Oil, Esso Oil and local businesses that you will remember if you lived on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal Zone in the 1960s.

This yearbook was part of the Panama Canal Museum archives. When the museum closed down, I gave the museum a large donation in exchange for some of their yearbooks. I already have a copy of this yearbook in my personal collection, so I am selling this copy to recover some of the money from my donation.

Many of the yearbooks from the Panama Canal Zone have been digitized and are available as free downloadable JPGs on the University of Florida's archival website, but you cannot search the text on graphics and reading jpegs on iBooks is not easy on your eyes. You can also purchase xerox copies of yearbooks from Classmates.com for about $80, but it is much better to purchase an original copy of this yearbook to keep in your own collection.

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