1941 License Plate from the Panama Canal Zone

Item LP01             

This Item was Sold on 22 December 2013 for $43

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This is a very old [1941] license plate (#4139) from the Panama Canal Zone. It has the original paint on both sides. There is a crease running down the middle of the short axis with a slight bend about this crease. It can easily be pressed flat. There is a thin line of missing paint at the crease which is visible on the reverse side and in a couple of places on the front side. There is a small hole just below the "4" of the date. This is probably a nail hole that was used to mount the plate on a wall. You can see all of this in the photo below. This plate is still in good to very good condition, considering its age and it is very rare in any condition. Length = 27 cm (11 inches) ; Width = 15 cm (6 inches) ; Weight = 200 gm

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