Pre-Columbian Ceramic Bowl from Chiriqui Provence, Panama

Item PAN07    

This Item was Sold on 6 March 2016 for $39

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This small pre-Columbian ceramic bowl is from the Chiriqui Provence in Western Panama. The date is estimated to be 1250 - 1500 AD. The bowl is in very good condition. There is light wear and abrasion on the edges, but no cracks. The bowl has a flat rimmed bottom and when placed on a flat surface, the top rim is tilted by several degrees. This improves the attractiveness of display as the top rim can be tilted to the side or towards the viewer. A very nice piece.

Diameter = 11 cm (4+ inches) ; Height = 11.5 cm (4.5 inches) ; Weight = 438 gm (15+ ounces)

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