Brass Ashtray from the Gorgona Shops, Panama Canal Zone - 1913

Item PAN09   

This Item was Sold on 12 April 2014 for $81

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This heavy metal ashtray was made for workers who were employed at the Gorgona Shops during the construction of the Panama Canal. I think that the metal is Brass, but it could be another heavy metal. The rim of the ashtray has large embossed lettering that says " Gorgona Shops Smoker" , " May 17, 1913 ". The bottom of the ashtray has the embossed letters: " Panama Canal ". This ashtray is in excellent condition. It is a wonderful collectible from the final days of Panama Canal construction.

Diameter = 12 cm (15- inches) ; Height = 1.5 cm (0.5 inches) ; Weight = 294 gm (10+ ounces)

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