Commemorative Plate - Redeemer Lutheran Church, Margarita, PCZ - 1961

Item PAN10 

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This large commemorative plate is bone white and it has a lavender photograph of the Redeemer Lutheran Chapel in Margarita Canal Zone. The date July 1961 is also printed on the front of the plate. The reverse side of the plate has the following message printed on the surface:

Redeemer Lutheran Chapel in Margarita is the second worship center built by the congregation in the Canal Zone, the other church being located in Balboa. The Atlantic side membership of the " coast to coast " parish is served by a Seminarian Assistant under the supervision of the church's pastor. The Margarita chapel, completely furnished, cost $24,000 and was financed by voluntary donations by the members, plus a loan from the Armed Services Commission of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, Washington, D.C. The chapel, beautiful in it's simplicity, serves as a combination worship center and parish hall. It also provides a church office and living quarters for the Seminarian Assistant.

Other than light crazing that is typical for ceramic plates, the only flaw I can see is that the printing of the word "simplicity" on the back of the plate has a printing error and is not damage to the plate. The photo looks like the gold ring around the photo of the chapel is broken, but it is complete. The missing gold sections are due to reflective glare from the camera's flash. If you lived in the Panama Canal Zone, and especially if you went to this church, this is a wonderful keepsake.

Diameter = 23 cm (9+ inches) ; Weight = 344 gm (12.2 ounces)

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