Ross's Torpedo Bottle - Belfast - Turquoise Glass

Item PAN13 

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This beautiful old bottle is probably from Belfast Ireland. It has a round bottom and you can see seams on the side from the mold that was used to cast this bottle out of turquoise glass. There are lots of bubbles in the glass. The words " Ross's " and " Belfast " are embossed in large letters along the sides, 180 degrees apart. The bottle is in very good condition. There are some small chips on the sides, but no propagating cracks. I found this bottle in 1966 while snorkeling about 100 yards off of the sandy beach at the base of Fort San Lorenzo near the mouth of the Chagres River on the Atlantic coast of Panama. The age is approximately 125 - 175 years of age. It is not a pirate artifact. Instead, it is probably a relic from the days of the gold miners disembarking at the mouth of the Chagres and on the way to the Pacific Coast to catch a ship to California. Anyway, it is a very nice collectible and it deserves a good home.

Length = 23 cm (9 inches) ; Diameter = 6 cm (2.5 in) ; Weight = 510 gm (18 ounces)

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