Large Syracuse China Soup Bowl from the Tivoli Hotel

Item PAN32  

This Item was Sold on 7 May 2015 for $71

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This vintage Syracuse China soup bowl is from the Tivoli Hotel, located in the town of Ancon in the former Panama Canal Zone. The bowl has the Hotel Tivoli logo on the inner rim. The shape of the bowl is similar to that of an inverted hat with most of the depth on the inside of the fine circular line with the smaller diameter. There are no chips or dings, but there are fine scratch marks from general use. Perhaps you actually used this bowl when you dined at the Tivoli Hotel? This is one of the only Tivoli soup bowls I have seen. Most of the Tivoli china is in the form of small and large plates. This China bowl is very rare and a great collectible.

Diameter = 32 cm (9 in) ; Rim Height = 9 cm (4 in) ; Weight = 588 gm (20.8 oz)

Most of the plates that I sell are vintage. It should be expected that these items will have some sort of wear or patina unless listed as "mint". Flaws created during the manufacturing may not be mentioned as these are part of the character of vintage or antique items. These flaws may, however, be mentioned if they cause a structural defect affecting the items integrity. I do provide large photos of each item so that you can see the condition. Thank you for your interest in this item.

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