Pre-Columbian Neolithic Points from Central Panama

Item PL14

This Item was Sold on 20 January 2018 for $35

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This item is a set of Pre-Columbian Neolithic points, or arrowheads found on the shoreline of Madden Lake, a reservoir on the Chagres River that is used to supply water to the Panama Canal during the dry season. When lake water is discharged into the Chagres River between February and May. the lake level drops and artifacts can be found below the high water mark. All ten of these artifacts are surface finds. They were collected by George Chevalier in the 1950s-1970s. All of these artifacts were collected in the American Canal Zone before the Canal Zone was ceded back to Panama in 1999.

All of these lithic points are approximately the same size. Most have one side that is flat and the other side is irregular. The material is Chert or Flint and this type of stone is found on the higher ground near the Continental Divide. The lengths vary between 44 mm and 62 mm. The widths vary between 10 mm and 25 mm. The total weight for all 10 lithic points is 58 grams.

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