The V by Jim Mayfield (16 September 1989)

Item RP11      

This Item was Sold on 17 January 2010 for $57

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Jim Mayfield became interested in boomerangs in the mid 1980s. He travelled to boomerang tournaments to compete and collect boomerangs from other top competitors. Jim learned how to make his own boomerangs rather quickly. He began manufacturing his own boomerangs at his Gunnison Colorado home in the late 1980s. A few years after forming Colorado Boomerangs, Jim sold his company to Richard Pollock-Nelson. Jim worked with Richard after the sale to make sure that the quality of Colorado Boomerang products remained high after his departure. Jim Mayfield was critically injured in a motorcycle accident on 11 October 1999. He died two weeks later at the age of 48, leaving a wife and four young children. Early examples of Jim's products have become very collectable.

This boomerang is one of the first V models ever made. It is unweighted and it has attractive art on the upper surface. Jim Mayfield's signature and the date of manufacture (16 September 1989) is written in ink on the underside of the dingle arm. The underside of the lift arm has "The V" and "#15/21" written in ink. This one is in mint condition. A wonderful sports boomerang and a terrific collectable.

Specifications: Right Handed ; Tip-to-tip Span = 35 cm ; Weight = 90 gm

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